Why Buy or Rent Admoon Google Ads Agency Account?

Your Account Is Suspended or Banned

You need a Google Ads account to run your advertising campaigns, but your account has been banned or suspended for violating the rules, and you can use our rent Google Ads Agency account rental services at Admoon.

You Need To Start Your Campaign Quickly

Creating a new Google Ads account and payment profile is a time-consuming and complex process that requires experience and expertise, but you need to start your campaign as soon as possible and you can use our account rental services at Admoon.

You Need Higher Spending Limits

It is possible that your campaign has a high daily spending and therefore you need an account with a high threshold. New accounts often have lower spending limits. Renting an established account can provide higher initial limits, allowing for more extensive campaigns right away.

You Need To Avoid Account Warm-Up Period

New accounts often go through a "warm-up" period with restricted performance. Renting an established account can bypass this phase and provide immediate access to full ad capabilities.

Do You Experience Suspension Problems? We Can Help You

Suspicious Payment Activity

Engaging in unauthorized or fraudulent transactions detected by Google.

Circumventing Systems

Attempting to manipulate or bypass Google's ad policies and systems.

Unacceptable business practices.

Conducting harmful, unethical, or deceitful business operations.

Misleading or inaccurate claims

Providing false, deceptive, or exaggerated information in ads.

Abusing the Ad Network

Artificially inflating ad metrics or exploiting Google's ad network rules.

Deceptive practices

Engaging in misleading, fraudulent, or unethical advertising strategies.

Choose your perfect agency account

Buy Google Ads agency account

Ideal for linking your payment profile


Complete budget control

Linking your own payment profile to your Google Ads account gives you complete budget control. Instantly set and adjust budgets, monitor expenditures in real-time, and customize payment settings. This flexibility enables optimized financial strategies and swift decisions.

Direct invoicing

Receive invoices directly from Google, tailored to your financial setup for clear and accurate billing. This alignment with your specific financial needs simplifies your accounting processes. It provides transparency, making it easier to manage and track your ad spend effectively.

No monthly fees

Enjoy the flexibility of buying Google Ads accounts with no monthly fees. Maximize your ad budget and focus on achieving your marketing goals without worrying about recurring costs. Ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective advertising solutions.

Fast delivery

Get started quickly with our fast delivery of Google Ads accounts. Begin your campaigns without delay and take advantage of immediate access to a fully functional account, ensuring you don't miss any advertising opportunities.

Flexible payment

Benefit from our flexible payment options, including Payoneer, bank transfer, and USDT. Choose the method that best suits your needs, making it easier and more convenient to manage your Google Ads account payments.

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Buy Google Ads account right now
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How it works

Warmed-up account

Start your campaigns immediately with a warmed-up Google Ads account. Skip the initial learning phase and enjoy full ad performance from day one, ensuring your marketing efforts are effective and reach your target audience quickly.

Simplified account management

Enjoy simplified account management with our Google Ads services. Easily oversee your campaigns, budgets, and performance with streamlined processes, allowing you to focus on achieving your marketing goals without the hassle.

No payment suspension

Buy Google Adwords agency account and ensure uninterrupted advertising with no payment suspensions. Our reliable payment handling guarantees your campaigns run smoothly, avoiding the risk of account suspension due to payment issues. Focus on results, not payment problems.

Customizable ad spend

Benefit from our robust credit line to enhance your advertising efforts. Access ample funds for expansive campaigns, ensuring you can reach your audience effectively without financial constraints. Rent Google Ads agency account to leverage our expertise and resources for your advertising needs.

Effortless setup

Experience effortless setup with our Google Ads services. Streamlined processes ensure quick account integration and campaign launch, allowing you to start advertising promptly and efficiently. Focus on your goals while we handle the technical details seamlessly.

Rent Google Ads account right now
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Rent Google Ads account right now
*Setup fee:
Rent account (Monthly):
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How many account do you need?
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* You will use our payment profile and pay ad spending to us.
How it works
Submitting the form

You will fill out and submit a form with your necessary details, initiating the process for us to assist you further.

Contacting you

After receiving your submission, our team will get in touch with you to confirm your information and discuss any further requirements.

Making the Payment

Once all details are confirmed, you will proceed to make the payment through our secure payment system.

Account delivery

After the payment is processed, we will deliver your account, ensuring you have everything you need to get started.

Compare Agency account VS Standard account

You can run your ads whenever you want and track conversions.
You can target your ads to the user audience you want using all targeting criteria.
Agency Account Standard Account
Trusted and highly reputable advertising accounts.
  High Reputation
These accounts don't have strong reputations. 
Low Credibility
There is no spending limit, unlimited budget. Daily spending limit.
You can get unlimited advertising accounts. A limited number of advertising accounts can be opened.
Sustainable and continuous account use, fast support and solutions. Your accounts can be closed for a variety of reasons and your ads can be stopped.
You can get help from live chat and Admoon support teams. There is no support team, you have to solve your problems yourself.
Ads are quickly approved and advertising costs are better optimized. The review process is complex and waiting times are long.
Balance can be topped up 24/7 with all payment methods (DEBIT CARD, SWIFT, STRIPE, WISE, PAYONEER, CRYPTO) You can top up your balance 24/7 by credit card only, other methods have a waiting time.

What is a Google Ads Agency Account?

A Google Ads agency account, also known as an AdWords agency account, is a crucial tool for businesses looking to advertise on Google under the management of a certified agency. This account resides within the Google Ads Manager Account (MCC) of the agency, ensuring it undergoes thorough verification and authorization directly from Google.
These accounts are verified and authorized by Google, offering businesses a trusted platform with reduced risk of suspension. New agency accounts often receive promotional codes from Google, helping businesses kickstart their advertising efforts with added value and lower costs. Additionally, agency accounts can be "warmed up," meaning they have a history of successful campaigns. This status accelerates approval for new campaigns, making them more stable and effective from the start.
By using an adwords agency ad account, businesses benefit from stability and security, as these accounts adhere to Google's advertising policies and are less likely to face ad disapproval or suspensions. Renting or buying an adwords agency ad account provides businesses immediate access to these benefits without the hassle of setting up and verifying an account independently. This approach allows businesses to focus on refining their advertising strategies and achieving their marketing goals effectively.
Contact us today to learn more about how renting or buying a adwords agency ad account can enhance your advertising campaigns.

Understanding the Difference Between New and Warmed-Up Google Ads Accounts

When navigating Google Ads accounts, it's essential to grasp the nuances between new and warmed-up accounts, including their payment profile options and operational advantages.
New Accounts: A new Google Ads account starts with basic capabilities and undergoes an initial learning phase to establish credibility within Google's advertising ecosystem. These accounts offer flexibility as they can be linked to the client's preferred payment profile. While this setup allows clients to maintain financial control, it requires the account to gradually build trust through consistent adherence to Google's advertising policies and effective campaign management practices.
Warmed-Up Accounts: In contrast, a warmed-up Google Ads account has already demonstrated reliability and effectiveness through prior successful campaigns. These accounts are typically managed under the agency's MCC (Manager Account) and linked exclusively to the agency's payment profile. This configuration leverages the agency's established reputation and operational stability to ensure faster ad approvals and superior campaign performance from the outset. Businesses opting for warmed-up accounts benefit from immediate operational readiness and streamlined performance, minimizing the initial learning curve and maximizing advertising efficiency.
Understanding these distinctions empowers businesses to make informed decisions when choosing between new and warmed-up Google Ads accounts. Whether launching a new campaign or scaling existing efforts, selecting the right account type aligned with payment preferences and operational goals is critical to achieving optimal advertising outcomes.

Buying vs. Renting a Google Ads Agency Account

When deciding between buying or renting a adwords agency ad account, understanding the key differences can help you choose the best option for your needs.
Buying a Google Ads Agency Account: When you purchase a adwords agency ad account, you make a one-time payment that includes a setup fee. This setup fee covers the process of linking the account to your payment profile, ensuring a seamless transition. Once the purchase is complete, you own the account indefinitely, granting you full control and access. You can manage the account as you see fit, make changes to campaigns, and adjust settings without any ongoing fees. This option is ideal for businesses looking for long-term ownership and complete autonomy over their advertising campaigns.
Renting a Google Ads Agency Account: Renting a adwords agency ad account involves a monthly rental fee and a top-up fee, which is 3% of the monthly charges. This arrangement eliminates the need for a setup fee, making it easier to start without upfront costs. The account will be linked to the agency’s payment profile, simplifying billing and payment management. Renting is a flexible option that allows you to maintain access to the account without the long-term commitment of ownership. It’s suitable for businesses that prefer a pay-as-you-go model and want to avoid the complexities of managing a Google Ads account independently.
Choosing between buying and renting depends on your business goals, budget, and preference for control versus convenience. Buying offers long-term ownership and full control, while renting provides flexibility and ease of management without the setup hassle.

Google Ads Agency Account Frequently Asked Questions

Ali HajizadehCEO of Admoon
Ali HajizadehCEO of Admoon

Together, we'll align your ads with your business objectives, ensuring every penny spent brings profitable returns. No more guesswork; I'll let data-driven decisions and my expert guidance light the way to success. Together, we'll align your ads with your business objectives, ensuring every penny spent brings profitable returns.