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Farapayamak achieved a 320%+ boost in Return on Ad Spend with our expert campaign management

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    May 26, 2022 September 27, 2023Time period
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    $18,000Total ad spend
  • click
    $2.5Average cost per click
  • Total-sale
    %52Total sale
  • revenue
  • Total-conversions
    648Total conversions
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About Farapayamak

Farapayamak, based in Dubai, specializes in SMS panel services and communication solutions, including SMS marketing and automation, serving a broad range of industries. With a focus on innovation and customer-centricity, they play a vital role in optimizing digital communication strategies in the Middle East.

  • The Challenge

    Our client, Farapayamak, a leading SMS panel provider, approached us to optimize their Google Ads campaign. They were encountering a significant challenge with their existing campaign – their Conversion Rate was so low and as a result, their Cost-Per-Click (CPC) was high, Click-Through Rate (CTR) was lower than desired, and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was below industry benchmarks. The primary issue was the underperformance of their landing page, resulting in inefficient ad spend and suboptimal campaign results.

  • The Strategy

    Strategy: To tackle the client's challenge, we devised a comprehensive strategy focused on enhancing landing page performance and improving CTR and ROAS.

      1. Landing page Analysis:
      By comparing the landing page of Farapayamak with other competitors, we found that the landing page of Farapayamak has a serious weakness in gaining trust, user experience and persuasive power of visitors.

      2. Defining Solution:
      We have identified the requirements of a suitable landing page for Google ads and based on them, we designed a landing page for Farapayamak that has high persuasive power and visual appeal and can gain the trust of the audience and convert the received leads into actual customers.

      3. Campaign Creation: We revamped the ad copy to make it more engaging and tailored to the newly identified keywords. A/B testing was used to determine which ad variations performed best in terms of CTR and conversions.

      4. Bid Adjustment and Optimization: We adjusted bidding strategies based on keyword performance and device type to ensure optimal allocation of the budget, ultimately improving ROAS.

  • What We Did

    Implementation: Our team executed the strategy methodically, starting with landing page design, keyword expansion and progressively implementing the other elements. Continuous monitoring and fine-tuning were essential throughout the process.

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Mobina Davari

Technical Campaign Manager
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We specialize in Google Ads optimization, relentlessly refining keywords, ad copy, and bidding strategies to boost your campaign's performance. Our dedication to data-driven decisions ensures that every advertising dollar spent yields maximum returns, making us the go-to choice for driving outstanding results.

Google ads certifications:
Ali HajizadehCEO of Admoon
Ali HajizadehCEO of Admoon

Together, we'll align your ads with your business objectives, ensuring every penny spent brings profitable returns. No more guesswork; I'll let data-driven decisions and my expert guidance light the way to success. Together, we'll align your ads with your business objectives, ensuring every penny spent brings profitable returns.