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Car rental business (the Brand is hidden) achieved a 30% decrease in cost per click with our expert campaign management.

car rental business
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    Nov 22, 2021 - Aug 10, 2023Time period
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    27,220 AEDTotal ad spend
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    0.15 AEDAverage cost per click
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    56,990 AEDTotal sale
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    36,700 AEDrevenue
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    1054 TotalTotal conversions
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About car rental business

Car rental business is an international company with many years of experience that provides car rental services in various cities including Dubai, Istanbul, Kish and Tehran. Throughout its activity, car rental business has always tried to provide its customers with a memorable experience of traveling with their favorite car by providing unique services and unparalleled support.

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  • The Challenge

    Car rental business is a company that has many branches in different cities, and to increase the number of customers and leads, the need to use Google Ads services as a profitable strategy was prioritized in the marketing activities of this company. The main challenge was to achieve a high display share in Google results with an acceptable click-through rate. The car rental industry is a highly competitive industry that requires accurate pricing and very targeted keyword selection. Also it was needed to provide multiple and different campaigns suitable for each city and design the implementation strategy of Google Ads services according to the audience community in each city. Each campaign required a different strategy that included budgeting, advertising text design, targeted keywords, and advanced pricing to ensure the relevance, targeting, and effectiveness of each advertising segment.

  • The Strategy

    To create Google Ads campaigns suitable for each car rental business branch in different cities, it was necessary to select keywords in a targeted manner. In addition, the targeted selection of customer categories based on the geographical area in which they are present, as well as their interest and demographic characteristics, should be done to prepare customer lists. To optimize the campaign and better manage the proposed budget, negative keyword lists are used so that ads are displayed only to the most productive audiences and potential customers. Also, to improve the quality score of the campaign, changes were made to improve the appearance of the landing page and improve the user experience.

  • What We Did

    Obtaining valuable results and leads by spending the minimum cost per click was our most important achievement in running car rental business campaigns. In order to achieve the first Google link in an industry where competition is very tough and requires large budgets, we carried out a Google Ads search campaign and a Google Display retargeting campaign along with advanced optimization and improvement of the landing page and user experience, and we succeeded with Cost less than competitors to get more results for car rental business.

The Results

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