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Baldano achieved a 12% increase in Conversion with our expert campaign management.

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    Jun 2, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023Time period
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    14,915 AEDTotal ad spend
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    0.28 AEDAverage cost per click
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    44,746.74 AEDTotal sale
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    6,712 AEDrevenue
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    9,488Total conversions
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About Baldano

Baldano is a prominent immigration agency that specializes in providing comprehensive immigration advice, visa services, educational and work immigration consultation, foreign investment guidance, embassy appointment scheduling, assistance with international exam registrations, and scholarship application support. With a commitment to delivering high-quality services to clients seeking to navigate complex immigration processes, Baldano serves a diverse clientele seeking to pursue various immigration and visa-related goals.

  • The Challenge

    Baldano operates in a highly competitive industry, where ensuring a strong online presence and effectively reaching potential clients is essential. The primary challenge for Baldano was to enhance its digital marketing strategy to attract a broader audience and generate more leads. The agency sought to use digital advertising, specifically Google Ads, as a profitable and efficient strategy to achieve its goals.

    Baldano's challenge included the following aspects:

      1. Diverse Service Offerings: Baldano offers a wide range of services, including immigration advice, visa assistance, foreign investment guidance, and more. Each service requires a tailored approach in its marketing strategy.
      2. Targeted Geographic Presence: With clients located in various regions, it was vital to create campaigns tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each geographic area.
      3. Budget Efficiency: To maximize the return on investment, Baldano needed to optimize its advertising budget and ensure cost-effective advertising campaigns.
      4. Keyword Selection: The agency operates in a competitive market, and precise keyword selection was crucial for achieving high visibility in search engine results.

  • The Strategy

    To address these challenges, Baldano implemented a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy:

      1. Service-Centric Campaigns: Separate Google Ads campaigns were created for each of Baldano's services, ensuring that messaging and targeting were aligned with the unique needs of clients seeking specific immigration and visa services.
      2. Geographic Targeting: The campaigns were further optimized by tailoring them to specific geographic regions. This allowed for a more personalized approach and better engagement with local audiences.
      3. Budget Allocation: Baldano carefully allocated its budget to campaigns based on their priority and potential for generating leads.
      4. Keyword Optimization:The agency conducted thorough research to select highly relevant keywords, helping to improve visibility and reach a more targeted audience.

  • What We Did

    The following strategies were employed to optimize Baldano's digital marketing efforts:

      1. Advanced Landing Page and User Experience: We worked on enhancing the landing pages associated with each campaign to ensure an improved user experience and a higher quality score. This improvement contributed to better ad rankings and a more efficient campaign.
      2. Negative Keywords: We utilized negative keyword lists to filter out non-relevant traffic, ensuring that the ads reached the most productive and potential customers.
      3.Ad Design and Copywriting: We developed compelling ad copy that resonated with the target audience, and we tested various versions to identify the most effective messaging.
      4. Google Display Retargeting: A Google Display retargeting campaign was executed to engage users who had previously interacted with Baldano's services but hadn't taken immediate action.

The Results

By implementing these strategies, Baldano achieved impressive results, including:

  • Cost-Effective Leads: The agency obtained valuable leads while maintaining a minimum cost per click, ensuring efficient resource utilization.
  • Improved Visibility: Baldano's Google Ads campaigns attained high visibility, even in a competitive industry.
  • Higher Quality Score: Changes made to landing pages and ad design enhanced the quality score of the campaigns, contributing to better ad placements.

Overall, Baldano succeeded in optimizing its digital marketing strategy, enhancing its online presence, and attracting a broader client base while efficiently managing its advertising budget. This comprehensive approach allowed Baldano to stand out in the highly competitive field of immigration and visa services.

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